Tips for maintaining musculoskeletal health


Foundation for the Awareness of Osteoporosis offers the following practical tips for maintaining musculoskeletal health in the new year:

  1. Eat right.?? One is as healthy as the food one eats.
  2. Take regular exercises.?‍♀? Weight bearing exercises are perfect for bone health.
  3. Maintain proper walking and sitting posture. ?Do not assume a wrong posture during physical work.
  4. Make your living area clutter free in order to reduce falls.?
  5. If you are a woman above 65 or a man above 70, ensure you get a DEXA scan ? to know your risk of osteoporosis.
  6. Good bone health makes you joyful to add to all round 2017 healthy living. ??

We at the Foundation wish you a healthy 2017. Cheers!?


The Foundation For the Awareness of Osteoporosis aims to prevent Osteoporosis in Nigeria by deepening the awareness of this disease condition.

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