Teething is an important phase for babies, where this phase will be followed by the appearance of common symptoms such as pain in the gums that make them fussy and often cry.

In addition, baby’s tooth growth is characterized by loss of appetite, fever, coughing, a lot of salivae and likes to bite whatever they hold. The goal is none other than to relieve the pain in the gums.

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How to deal with it?

The fussy necklace is an effective solution that is worth a try. This necklace for babies is made from Baltic amber, namely pine resin which has been fossilized millions of years ago through a long natural process. This type of amber is the best and is found in many European countries, especially Russia and Lithuania.

Each amber will release pain relief compounds when the necklace is worn, absorbed by the skin and will feel its benefits after a while. Baltic amber also gives a calming effect, so the baby can sleep soundly both day and night.

Not only is it useful during teething, but amber necklaces are also believed to help strengthen the immune system. If there is a natural solution, why choose another? Be healthy, be happy!

Amber necklace for adults. 45cm. Made from Baltic amber which offers many health benefits, including:

1. Helps maintain emotional stability
2. Strengthen the immune system.
3. Neutralize negative energy in the body
4. Helps improve concentration (focus), etc.

When used, amber granules will release special compounds that will be absorbed by the skin. The ingredients we use are 100% genuine Baltic amber. Proof of authenticity will be sent with the product.