About Us

Love your bonesThe Foundation For The Awareness Of Osteoporosis is a Non Governmental Organization  which comprises of dedicated medical and non medical personnel.  We are made up of  professionals from different industries such as Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Health attendants, Secretaries, Teachers, Senior Citizens, etc.

This organization was founded  in August, 2015 and was officially inaugurated on 3rd  February, 2016.

Foundation For The Awareness Of Osteoporosis in Nigeria is a member society of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF).

What We Do

img_6255 As an organization, we are committed to the advocacy and improved awareness of    osteoporosis and other common musculoskeletal diseases in our environment in Nigeria    where it is believed that Osteoporosis is non-existent; yet people are fracturing upon flimsy  injury or spontaneously.

We encourage research in osteoporosis and other related bone diseases as well as training of  members.

Our organisation looks forward to helping prevent occurrence of fragility fractures in our people. For people who have already fractured, we hope to help stop at one fracture. It is our desire to turn around the diet of our people to eat balanced meals especially bone healthy meals using our local foods.


Our Upcoming Events


World Osteoporosis Day

Thursday, College Auditorium, College of Medicine, ESUTH